beautiful tragedy (sarichan) wrote in chemset,
beautiful tragedy


fine, so sara's been neglecting you lately. so sorry.
a friend of mine took some fantastic photos at the clearview show couple nites ago

big shows coming in april, especially the 2nd at the granada on greenville avenue and the 8th at the wreck room in ftw.

so if you plan on ever coming to a chemset show, make it one or both of those.
and then there's another little d show at andy's on the 23rd, with b minor harmonic (a fantastic band y'all should check out)
check out myspace for more details soon

ALSO, and this is VERY important...

Lee Minor 7 has been nominated as best song in the Dallas Observer music awards, so thanks to everyone who voted to have it nominated. They're up against some heavy hitters who all have many nominations in other categories, so even if you support flickerstick or the burden brothers or the vanished, go ahead and vote for them in all their other categories, but give chemset the best song vote!

voting starts with next week's issue, online at or by paper ballot in the hard copy of the observer.
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