beautiful tragedy (sarichan) wrote in chemset,
beautiful tragedy

hey kids

chemset has a coupla dates coming up
9th at andy's in denton 17+
14th at club clearview 17+

and then steve solo at the ridglea and vine wine room (6100 camp bowie upstairs from la madeline) on the 16th with tim locke
don't miss that one


and in other related music news, delfi's new cd is due out soon, it's just been sent off to be duplicated in the past couple days. for those of you who don't know, delfi is a fantabulous rock band with a rootsy twang. the debut album is produced by our very own steve duncan and recorded at the echo lab in denton, and the record will feature artwork by meredith knoll.
keep up with it at

also, rahim's debut cd is available for preorder at his website,
so preorder a copy of that or pick one up at a show in the near future
(rahim's band includes our own josh hoover and cory helms)
their next show is 11/24 at trees with bob schneider (and bob is expensive... probably a 15-18 dollar cover)

and while we're at it, keep an eye on for upcoming shows, and pick up a copy of polaroid if you haven't already. steve and meredith are currently playing in salim's band, which is fantastic and wonderful and all else.
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rahim's new cd is lovely...salim recorded it at Pleasantry Lane.

Speaking of Salim, we'll be launching his fanclub sometime very soon... will keep y'all posted!

And yes by all means, go get Polaroid if you haven't already!!

Can't wait for the next time Chemset plays Austin!